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Everything you need to consider when buy a new sofa.

A sofa is one of the larger pieces of furniture we buy, and most likely, it is the focal point of your living space. So it’s important to buy quality that will last, style that will endure, and comfort that you can truly relax on!

Shape and Size

Sofas come in many shapes and sizes. The shape determines the overall feel of your sofa – some are soft and feminine, while others are tailored and modern. Size matters, too, so the sofa fits your room and allows room for movement. For a large room, consider a sectional or two sofas facing each other or placed at right angles.

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Arm and Leg Style

When selecting a sofa, several arm styles are available, and it’s the same with the legs. It’s best to check out all the choices when you shop to see what you like best.


Neutral colors are safe in terms of how long your sofa will appeal to you, and you can add color with smaller design elements; however, a bold color does make a statement and may better match your personality!

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Frame and Filling

Make sure to ask questions about the quality of the frame and joints to make sure you’re purchasing a piece of furniture that will last a long time. Fillings can be slouchy or firm so think carefully about the “feel” you would like in your sofa.


The choice of fabrics is almost unlimited, including leather, damask, wool, velvet, cotton, and more. If lots of kids and pets live in your home, consider indoor-outdoor fabrics for durability and beauty. Solid colors may be easier to decorate around, but patterns hide dirt more effectively.

Rest assured – the perfect new sofa will make your home a more comfortable environment.

Content provided by Hunter Douglas