Relaxing at home by yourself—or hanging out with family or friends—doesn’t get much better than when you’re doing it outside. 

Feel like you’re short on space? No worries! A small patio can still be mighty—you just need a little ingenuity to amp up your space, starting with these easy-to-implement ideas. 

Repurpose cabinets and side tables for storage and serving
  1. Go multifunctional. A cabinet can double as a serving station while a stool works as a place to sit as well as a side table. Have room for an ottoman or bench? Choose one with a lifting lid or seat and use it for lightweight throw blankets, kids’ toys, or chair cushions. (You can even find storage ottomans where the lid, turned over, doubles as a serving tray.)
  2. Stack things up. A set of nesting tables is super-handy for a patio short on space. Un-stack them when you’re entertaining, place them wherever you want them, then nest them back together after your guests have left.   
  3. Or fold them down. You can find stylish folding tables and chairs designed specifically for patios in a variety of materials and sizes. 
  4. Go vertical. Take advantage of patio walls. Attach shelving for potted plants or hang a drop-down wall cabinet for housing barware, grilling accessories or everyday gardening gear, such as trowels and gloves.
Save floor space—and add flair—by hanging potted plants

Source: Hunter Douglas