Horizons Shades of Elegance™

Horizons Shades of Elegance™ are a spectacular collection of roller shades from the same company that brings you the innovative Horizons Natural Woven Shades.

Shades of Elegance™ Styles

Spring Roller Shade

The Spring Roller is the classic, time-tested, cordless operating system for roller shades. You simply grasp the shade by its bottom hem and pull it down to whatever length you want. A gentle tug releases the spring’s lock and allows the shade to be easily raised.

Clutch Roller Shade

The Clutch Roller system is operated by an easy chain control. Pull the front chain to raise the shade; pull the back shade to lower it. A constant tension clutch stops the shade wherever you want it to stay. The Clutch system is also known for easier operation on larger sized shades.

Cassette Roller Shade

The Cassette Roller Shade is a Shades of Elegance™ Clutch Roller Shade that is encased in a stylish color-coordinated cassette enclosure with matching fabric insert.

Fascia Roller Shade

The Fascia Roller Shade is a Shades of Elegance™ Clutch Roller Shade that is covered with a 4″ tall color coordinated metal fascia.

Roman Shade

Now the gentle folding beauty of a Roman Shade is available in most of the unique fabrics from the Horizons Shades of Elegance™ collection.

The Twin Shade

Combined in one unit, The Twin Shade is a fashionable Roman Shade in the front with a practical Roller Shade in the back that acts as a movable lining.

Élance Sliding Panels

Élance is Horizons Window Fashions’ own unique sliding panel track system. They have become the fashionable new way to cover large windows and patio doors.

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