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Tami and Team,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful lunch for our agents and office staff! You guys are amazing! We are thankful to be in business with you and look forward to working together again in the future!

Keller Williams Greater Lexington Leadership Team

Reviews Received By Email

I am full of gratitude for the care and ethics of The Blinds Man. Here’s my story. About a year and a half ago I bought a beautiful Applause blind from The Blinds Man. After years of badly fitting mini blinds, this gorgeous one-piece blind was a huge step up in beauty and quality. But it was temperamental. After only 3 months, we had problems with it. So it was returned to the company and it was repaired. And then repaired again. But the problems didn’t stop, just paused for a while. We could raise it, but not all the way, and then when we lowered it, it wasn’t straight. It slid out of its casing and went back and forth whenever we tried to raise it. My husband and I rigged up ways to make it work, sort of. By pulling on different strings, we could make it seem level. We got used to having it go up only half way. I knew it would be expensive to fix and we’d have to wait weeks for it to be repaired, so I put off calling.

And then the pandemic hit, so it was without much hope that I called the Blinds Man to see what could be done. That’s when I first talked to Melody. She couldn’t have been more helpful. But the best part was she listened to me. Listened to me recount the long story of our blind troubles. After I finished, she told me she was fully committed to making sure our blind was not only beautiful, but functional as well. She arranged for Fred to come look at it. After hearing my story, seeing the blind, and documenting the problems with pictures, Fred and Larry, the owner, lobbied to have the company that made the blind give us a brand new one free of charge. And that’s what they did.

From the moment in August when we got our new blind installed, my husband and I have enjoyed putting it up and down—always level, always perfect. Every time I hear the sound of the blind being raised, I smile, thankful for Melody, Fred, Larry, and the company, The Blinds Man, for their ethics and commitment to their customers.

Grace Johnson

I have a 25+-year-old mini-blind that needed repair. I was afraid it would be too old to fix, but when I walked in the door of The Blinds Man, I was greeted with a cheerful “Looks like you have a sick blind!” Tami immediately began an inspection and told me that she could fix the blind right then and there. She repaired the blind and wrapped it for travel, and when I asked what I owed her, she said there was no charge, even when I protested. Amazing!

I much prefer to take my business to local family-owned shops, and The Blinds Man exceeded my expectation in every way. Please visit them at 468 Southland Drive for all of your window treatment needs.

Lynne Gates

Just wanted to say thanks again to Melody! Excellent service! Really appreciate your help getting the blind fixed.

Norma Taylor

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