Smart Home with Amazon Echo Dot and Hunter Douglas PowerView

With the power of your voice you can set the scene for any activity! You can set the mood with a command to Alexa such as “Alexa, turn on movie night” and your popcorn popper starts popping, your lights dim, your shades/blinds close and all that’s left is to grab your favorite spot and watch the movie!

By utilizing SMART home technologies, you can have more control with your voice. The possibilities are endless. The Blinds Man is here to get you started! With the purchase of your Hunter Douglas PowerView system, receive a Amazon Echo Dot to get you started with your SMART home.

Our trained staff can get you started with setting up your Hunter Douglas PowerView system. We have also partnered with Southland Computer to further assist you with setting up SMART systems in your home. And soon you can be saying “Alexa, turn on Good Morning” to start your day with your window treatments open to let the sunshine in.

To learn more about how you can get your Amazon Echo Dot from The Blinds Man, feel free to call (859) 260-1551 or you can contact us on our Contact Page. We look forward to enhancing your home with smart technologies with Hunter Douglas PowerView and Amazon Echo Dot.