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Spring Cleaning


a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.

The spring season is upon us, though the weather hasn’t been cooperating lately. Snow in April? Well, we do live in Kentucky. Nonetheless, it’s springtime and that means time to spring clean.

This spring, when you are doing y our spring cleaning, remember the Blinds Man is here to help with your window treatments from blinds to shutters to shades to drapes. Though we may not offer a cleaning service, we do offer to repair and replace when needed. We would love to help you with your window blinds repairs. If they are beyond repair or even can’t get all the way clean, it may be time to replace them.

Below are 5 signs that it’s time to replace your window treatments:

  • 1. Safety Hazard. Above all else, you want your home to be safe. If you have pets and/or small children, you may need replace for safety concerns. If there is damage to the window treatment, it can also be a safety issue. Do not ignore, fix it today.
  • 2. Discoloration. No matter how much you clean the blinds, they just still look dirty. When deep cleaning doesn’t get the blinds clean, it may be time to replace.
  • 3. Frayed Fabrics. Over time, fabrics can become frayed and need to be replaced.
  • 4. Warped or Broken Slats. The sun and heat can cause the slats to become warped and need to be replaced.
  • 5. Old Outdated Style. Home decor can change over time. Styles change. If your window treatments aren’t matching your new style, it may be time to replace.

When you are inspecting your window treatments during your spring cleaning remember that the Blinds Man is here to help you with all your window needs. Give us a call (859) 260-1551 or visit our contact page to reach out to us.

P.S. Make sure you check your batteries in your smoke alarms during your spring cleaning.