Make a Bold Statement with These Unique, Banded Window Treatments

When you hear the term “zebra shades,” you might have visions of black and white striped fabric, or window treatment fabric printed with, well, images of zebras.

Zebra shades are anything but. Also known as banded or layered shades, these window treatments are a spin on a standard roller shade. They combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands on a single window shade, for a solution that gives you two options for light control.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades; Fabric: Mackintosh; Color: Celestial Gray

The Benefits of Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are all about light control. Unlike shades that you can only raise or lower, these window coverings let you easily control the amount of light streaming into a room, tailoring it to your needs. Simply align the solid fabric bands over top of one another to let the sheers diffuse natural light (they also filter the view from the outside in). When you desire privacy, shift the solid bands so they overlap the sheers. (Of course, you can also raise the entire shade for a wide open view.)

This distinctive design gives you lots of versatility—a view when you want it, along with filtered light, and privacy when you need it. Zebra shades also pair well with many decorating styles; the clean lines, for example, complement a contemporary aesthetic, while the softness of the sheers marries well with traditional décor.

Choose from small, medium and large band heights (the bigger the band height, the greater your exterior view), as well as light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics in an array of choices.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades; Fabric: South Beach; Color: Platinum

Control Options

Many zebra shades are offered with a variety of manual control options, including cordless control, which involves simply pushing up and pulling down on the shade’s bottom bar.

You’ll also find zebra shades offered with smart motorization, so you can conveniently control shades with a remote, an app, automatically (through schedules you set through the app), or even with your voice and your favorite voice assistant.

Rooms for Zebra Shades

Practical for any space, these window coverings are ideal for rooms where you desire the warm, light-filtering glow you get from sheer shades, but also where you want privacy when you need it—like bedrooms and bathrooms.

The living room is also a great space for zebra shades, as you can create a darker room for relaxing in the evening or streaming your favorite movie.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades; Fabric: Coastal; Color: Villa White

Source: Hunter Douglas


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